Your Loyalty Brand

Getting Started with Market Sell Repeat: Article 1

With MSR, your brand is front and centre. As your logo will be seen on all your promotional materials, it is essential that you send us a high-resolution logo. It’s always a good idea to send us versions of your logo that are optimised for print, web and email even if you choose the Digital Package.

Logo Formats & Sizes

We accept most formats but recommend JPEG, PNG, AI or SVG formats, and your logo file should be no more than 3MB in size.

Colours & Fonts

A consistent brand makes it easier for people to remember you, and that’s the first step in getting them to come back. This is why we apply the colours and fonts you’re already using across your new marketing materials.

Here’s the minimum we need from you to brand your new account:

  • Primary Colour: Hex Code (e.g. #AFD645), RGB or CMYK)

If you have a second and third colour, please send us these as well:

  • Secondary Colour: Hex Code (e.g. #AFD645), RGB or CMYK)
  • Tertiary Colour: Hex Code (e.g. #AFD645), RGB or CMYK)

Not Sure?

If you’re not sure about which logo and colours we need, just drop us a line and we’ll help you get your materials together in no time. This is really helpful site which might be useful in finding your hex colours:

What Next?

Please send your logo file(s) and colour(s) to: and we’ll have your account fully branded and ready to go in less than 1 working day normally.