What Offers?

Getting Started with Market Sell Repeat: Article 3

What offers should you give your customers? Which ones drive repeat visits and increase loyalty?

You are in control of what offers you create, but they should support your overall business objectives i.e. more mid-week sales, low-season offers, early-bird specials or just a bottle of bubbly to help guests celebrate.

These offers are not fixed in stone, so if one offer doesn’t work, you can easily try another. Your offers will be unique to you and your business, with access to change and update them 24/7.

So, what offers work best?

We have found that these offers have worked best for a lot of our clients, and may be right for you too:

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mid-Week Specials, Early-Bird Offers, A Free Drink, A Free Dessert

Typically, we’d recommend running about 5-6 regular offers at a time. Then change one for an alternative to see which one gets the best results.

If you want to give your customers a one-off offer, you can do so in minutes. Just choose the channel (email, post or SMS) or use them in combination for greater impact, and your special offer is ready to go.

Not Sure?

Just drop us a line with the offers you want to get started with or give us a call on 07841 206779 to discuss your ideas and we will help you nail down the terms and conditions of each offer.

What Next?

Once we know what your offers are, we will set them up to run automatically – that’s it, the system does everything else for you.