Your Data

Getting Started with Market Sell Repeat: Article 4

Data is King.
Without the contact details of customers and prospects, you cannot market to them. And if you can’t market to them, how are you going to grow? This is why whatever package you choose; data is central to your success.

Old Data

Is your ‘old’ data GDPR-compliant? If you’re not sure, just drop us a line and we’ll help you figure it out. If you already have GDPR-compliant data of your customers and leads, then you can simply send this to us at

We will directly upload your marketing lists to your CRM account for you, giving you an instant database to send your marketing campaigns to as well as to offer your loyalty program’s offers and rewards.

What Format?

You will need to provide your marketing data in one of these formats:
CSV, TXT, or saved as an XLSX (an Excel spreadsheet).

Please note, the data you provide must be formatted with all of the field columns as shown here:


New Data

You can collect data from new people via a dedicated GDPR-compliant form, you can capture newsletter sign ups via your own website as well as via your mobile apps – all personalised to your business, and your brand.

Loyalty Extras

With our Loyalty Package, your customers can also register as a member via a GDPR-compliant application form as soon as you hand them their new loyalty card.

Professional Bonus

The Professional Package connects all tools giving you even more power through the combination of social, website, mobile apps, and the CRM platform. By connecting all your marketing channels, the end result is more control over your marketing and more power to generate more business more regularly, and all automatically.

Not Sure?

If you have any questions about your marketing lists, just drop us a line or give us a call on 07841 206779. If you know what you need to send us already, just email us your lists at

What Next?

Once we’ve received all your marketing data, we will upload it all to your account and let you know as soon as it’s ready for you to start promoting your business via email, print, SMS and your website.