About Us


Market Sell Repeat is a marketing & loyalty innovator. We are dedicated to building new and improved ways for busy business owners to attract more customers, keep them longer and increase revenue.


At Market Sell Repeat, we combine marketing, technology and loyalty where most firms separate. It's only by connecting solutions and automating processes that businesses grow. This approach allows technology to do the work people don’t need to do, leaving more time for the all-important human connections between owners, employees and customers.

Our Partners

We Only Work With The Best

We are constantly developing new partnerships with great companies and powerful technologies. Through our partnerships we make it even easier to support you, increase your sales and build loyalty around your business.

MSR Makes a Huge Difference

Over the last few years we have been working with Market Sell Repeat which gives us a dedicated and branded loyalty programme for all our customers. We wanted to give our customers something in return for their valued custom but also to encourage them to visit us more often.

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Loyalty Grows Business

It’s great to see companies returning for repeat orders of their loyalty cards and to know that the loyalty programme is helping them to grow their businesses.

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That Personal Touch

Market Sell Repeat gives my salon a direct marketing solution, that helps my business stay connected to clients in a way that is personal and bespoke to them.

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A Unique & Successful Tool

What makes it so unique and successful for us is that it offers an online system, that is our Marketing Tool and a Loyalty card system all in one place.

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20% Increase in Turnover

In the first three months of full trading with the loyalty card in place, we saw a 20% increase in turnover – and it revitalised our relationships with our customers.

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Part of a Great Club

We have been with Market Sell Repeat for over 4 years and having a loyalty card solution really helps our customers feel part of a great club.

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