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All our packages offer great tools and smart integrations that drive sales and automate marketing. Which one is right for your business?



Pure digital marketing & loyalty

With your own, fully branded mobile apps, you can reward your customers instantly, while managing all your offers and campaigns in a few taps. Exclusive to you and your customers, put your business in your customers’ hands.

Place your marketing on autopilot and schedule multi-channel campaigns in minutes. Why not combine print, email and SMS to give your campaigns the best chance at success. 

Digital is 100% automated, branded and personalised for your business.



Everything from the Digital, plus:

Loyalty gives you your own dedicated marketing CRM platform (we’ll even convert your paper leads to digital ones for you). With instant and unlimited access to your customers' data, campaigns and creatives, Loyalty puts you in charge.

Create unlimited email, print and SMS campaigns in minutes from your own library - and get your offers out to your customers in seconds. And with your branded loyalty cards, you can scan and reward customers as they spend with you, encouraging repeat visits and more loyal guests.



Everything from Loyalty, plus:

If it’s smart you want, then Professional is the package for you. With this package it all comes together - everything is connected and automated - your CRM, your website and your social media, to attract, convert and keep more customers for longer.

Professional converts your campaigns into blog posts and social updates automatically, adding fresh, original content to your website and social profiles.

Professional helps your business grow faster and smarter than ever.


All our packages offer great tools and smart integrations that drive sales and automate marketing. Which one is right for your business?

Need help choosing? Drop us a line and we’ll call you back to help you choose.


From £99 /month
  • Digital Marketing & Loyalty
    Includes 6 automated campaigns
    Reward customers instantly
    Manage offers and campaigns
    100% branded mobile apps
    Exclusively for you and your customers
    Put your marketing on autopilot
    Schedule multi-channel campaigns
    Combine print, email & SMS for better results
    Fully automated & 100% personalised
  • Account set up £250
    Postal campaigns incur extra charges


From £199 /month
  • Everything in Digital, plus:
    Includes unlimited campaigns
    A dedicated marketing CRM platform
    Paper leads converted to digital for you
    Instant access to customers, campaigns and creatives
    Unlimited lists, campaigns and media
    Instant campaigns - get your message out in seconds
    Choose email, print and SMS for every campaign
    Branded loyalty cards - scan and reward customers in seconds
  • Account set up £450
    Postal campaigns incur extra charges


From £299 /month
  • Everything in Loyalty, plus:
    Includes unlimited campaigns
    CRM, website and social media all connected for you
    Convert campaigns into blog posts and social updates automatically
    Add instant and original content to your website and social
  • Account set up £650
    Postal campaigns incur extra charges
    Excludes annual hosting & SSL certificate


Give your website the power to convert interest into action


Fully Integrated

Book an Appointment

Commission-free booking, integrated with your website, branded for your business and fully automated. Give your customers the ability to book a table, secure an appointment or select their T-off time and even take payments online. Make booking simple, quick and easy for everyone.

Set Up: £150

Monthly: £30


Fully Integrated

Book a Room

Give your guests the VIP treatment when they book accommodation with you. A 100% branded booking system, integrated with your CRM and fully automated to deliver outstanding customer experiences, without them leaving your website and getting lost to your competition.

Set Up: £395

Monthly: £150


100% Automated

Autopost Campaigns

Autoposting does all the heavy lifting. Every time an email campaign goes out, it gets recreated on your website as a blog post, and then sent out as an update to all your social media profiles. And it all happens automatically. Did we mention that?

Set Up: £200

Annual: £120


Promote your Town

The Main Attraction

Share updates on events happening near you, and bring new guests to your business from the event. Just like with Autoposting, events are posted to your website and social media profiles automatically. Why not add events automatically with updates from Eventbrite and Facebook?

Set Up: £200

Monthly: £25


Branded for You

Dedicated Emails

A custom email (yourname@yourbiz.co.uk) signals that you've created a real business. That old gmail.com or yahoo.com says this is your weekend hobby. Choose up to 10 email addresses with your domain address, and communicate like a pro with your customers, partners and suppliers. 

Annual: £60 per email


Cyber Security

Wordfence your Website

Websites attacks are increasing. These cyber attacks can take a website offline for days and cost hundreds of £s in lost opportunities and to make it safe again. That's why install and configure Wordfence to keep your website and business online and fully operational.

Annual: £199

Need help choosing? Drop us a line and we’ll call you back to help you choose.

Bring It All Together

MSR Makes a Huge Difference

Over the last few years we have been working with Market Sell Repeat which gives us a dedicated and branded loyalty programme for all our customers. We wanted to give our customers something in return for their valued custom but also to encourage them to visit us more often.

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Loyalty Grows Business

It’s great to see companies returning for repeat orders of their loyalty cards and to know that the loyalty programme is helping them to grow their businesses.

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That Personal Touch

Market Sell Repeat gives my salon a direct marketing solution, that helps my business stay connected to clients in a way that is personal and bespoke to them.

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A Unique & Successful Tool

What makes it so unique and successful for us is that it offers an online system, that is our Marketing Tool and a Loyalty card system all in one place.

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20% Increase in Turnover

In the first three months of full trading with the loyalty card in place, we saw a 20% increase in turnover – and it revitalised our relationships with our customers.

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Part of a Great Club

We have been with Market Sell Repeat for over 4 years and having a loyalty card solution really helps our customers feel part of a great club.

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